Sunday Night. 8th November 2015.

Try to grab a piece of the future…
The words echo over and over. I hear the sentence all day, I see it everywhere, I feel it in my brain like it has physical presence and I read it all along the seabed. I continue to swim, propelling my body to hurry up and get to my destination; I’m not too sure where I’m going but I’m late. I can see it in the distance, an orb pulsating and spinning. I get closer What is it? I’m close enough now to see. I swim into the orb and join in unison, what looked like an orb before was really hundreds of people all swimming together, deep down in the ocean all moving together as if joined by a hive mind. As I swim with them I examine my fellow swimmers. Everyone is here- Lucien, Emory, Tiffany, Sylvia and even Sam. Everyone is wearing a sleek and slender blue diving suit accompanied by a clear blue fish bowl like helmet. I imagine I must be wearing the same.
We swim in harmony without any communication but I can sense the group objective: we are all looking for something. Scouring the ocean for something important. I’m searching for a needle in a haystack, all the while not knowing what a needle looks like in this case, or even what a needle is. Different, that’s the first property it’ll have; that’s were to start. As we swim intricately through gangways of coral I suddenly stop. The group doesn’t stop but I do, I seamlessly leave the collective as easily as I entered. I turn around and spot that which made me suddenly leave, a small round opening on a rock face (or was it coral? I can never be sure). I approach it, swimming with as much longing away from the group as I did when i swam towards it. I find myself in a narrow underwater tunnel, I feel scared, nervous but most of all excited. A measured step into the darkness. I swim upwards reaching further and further towards my goal. I’m sure of it. I’m doing the right thing.
After what seems to be an eternity I literally see light at the end of this tunnel; in a way seeing that light makes me acknowledge the darkness that i had been swimming in, I mentally express surprise at my lack of fear. I never liked small spaces and I’m not a great swimmer, but in spite of that I was never scared. I reach the top. Air. I climb out of the hole like a workman emerging from a manhole. I intuitively press the Helmet Defabricator button and it dissapears gradually and gracefully from around my head.
I’ve found it 
There I was, in touching distance of what everyone was looking for. It was beautiful. I don’t know how long I was there for just staring and circling my find but during that whole time I was nurturing an intense form of euphoria. It was taking over me, the curiosity building up, never satiated. I could stare and examine all I want but the curiosity was phoenix-like, whenever I thought I had made my mind up about some aspect of my discovery something else would burst forth from the ashes. I wanted to consume it, I wanted to experience it not from afar but instead in a completely immersive and holistic way. I moved closer and closer and closer until my face was no more than a kiss away from the object; I was overcome with bliss. I thrust forward and tried to seize it and that was when it all collapsed. Everything fell away from me, my reality disintegrating, my euphoria dissipating, my subconsciousness transforming into consciousness. My waking life taking over my sleeping life.
Essayez de saisir une pièce de votre avenir

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